Deepika & Kapil

Brisbane, baby gender reveal session

Deepika and Kapil are expecting their first little one!!

We found a nice little area in Brisbane for our photoshoot with no one around, so peaceful. They had to keep it a secret as no one knew they were expecting, even close family! When it was time for them to know the gender of their little one, they said to their doctor that they want it to be a surprise and explained what they had in mind. 

Kapil had to pick up the balloons on the morning. He was so stressed that the balloons could explode in the car! As he was driving, all he could think of is that just a few centimetres next to him, inside those ballons was heaps of little confettis that were either pink or blue... Deepika and Kapil arrived at the location and we started to set up everything, we even had a little recording camera so they could show the video as well as the photos to their family and friends. They told me that everyone, including them, was sure that it would be a boy... Well, they are having a little princess!!

The next day, with a few photos that I had already edited the night before and sent to them, they decided to announce the big news to their loved ones around a BBQ and festive spirits. 

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